WEN 56200i Portable Inverter Generator Review

Portable Power Generator Review

The WEN 56200i Portable Inverter Generator provides emission free power at an affordable cost. It provides all the requirements of an alternative power source and lasts longer than other similar devices which are more expensive.

Here I will provide a full review of the WEN 56200i Inverter Generator. Some key features of the generator are outlined, as well as the pros and cons. This will help you understand more about the generator and help you make a decision regarding the purchase.

My experience with the WEN 56200i

The generator lives up to its name with the capacity to make available power for a 5,000 BTU air conditioner, small refrigerator, or other minor appliance without issues. The controls were quite easy to use as they were very straightforward. Even an amateur can understand them easily.

The generator is relatively compact in size and can easily be moved around manually for quite a good distance before your arms get tired. I have used this generator in several situations such as dry camping where I had no power for nearly two days. The generator was able to run smoothly for over a day without a problem. The oil needs to be changed after utilizing the generator for long periods of time, which can be done easily within minutes.

Fuel consumption is very efficient. Reducing the load on the generator will make the fuel last longer on a full tank. To get the most out of your fuel, make sure to use only essential appliances.
In all, the WEN 56200i performed all the functions it promised to offer. I have not had any issues to date.

Item Specifications:

  • Model Number MPN - 56200i
  • Dimension (inches) - 18 x 11 x 18
  • Wattage (running) - 1600W
  • Wattage (surge) - 2000W
  • Fuel Tank Capacity - 1 Gallon
  • Engine Details - 79.7cc with Inverter
  • Half-Load Runtime - 6 Hours
  • Eco-Mode - ✓
  • Carb Compliant - ✓
  • Number of Total Outlets - (2) 120V 20A 3-prong, (1) 5V USB Port, (1) 12V DC 8.3A
  • Item Weight - 48 Pounds
  • Warranty Time - Two-Year Warranty
  • Manual PDF - Download

Some Of The Notable Features

Reliable Power

The WEN 56200i Portable Inverter Generator is suitable for providing power to home appliances in certain situations. With a 79.7 cc 4-stroke Overhead Valve (OHV), it can provide between 1,600 – 2,000 Watts of power. This makes it very efficient when used for camping activities where there is usually no power supply.

Control Panel Design

Using the generator is made easier by its simplified features such as the on/off switch and the choke switch which have been given a basic and convenient design. It also has a LED to indicate an oil warning.


The generator has a reasonable weight of about 45 pounds. Along with a handle fixed to the top of the generator, it can easily be moved or carried by just one person.

Fuel Efficiency

The generator provides exceptional fuel efficiency in its operation. This can be easily observed by running the generator on a full tank. A total run time of 4 hours was achieved and this can be further increased by lowering the power consumption rate of the generator and increasing the power of the ESC throttle.

Cable Link

Another notable feature of the WEN 56200i Portable Inverter Generator is the cable link feature which is useful when you need more power. This additional power is achieved by adding another WEN 56200i Portable Inverter Generator through the cable link. This helps to generate double your initial power.

Clean and Quiet

The WEN 56200i Portable Inverter Generator offers an operating condition with no vibrations as well as no noise emission. This provides a great advantage for recreation and outdoor camping activities. It also limits complaints regarding noise pollution.


Warranty – It is important to note that the generator comes with a 2-year warranty in case of any problem that may arise during use. This allows you to take it back and have it repaired or replaced depending on the extent of any damage.

Clean Energy – The generator provides a source of clean energy. It is also protected from sudden fluctuations which may affect your devices.

Capacity to Maximize Fuel Economy – In order to ensure that you can control how much fuel is consumed, the generator comes with an Electronic Speed Control (ESC) Throttle.

Portable – The generator’s light weight makes it easy to carry and move around. This is especially useful while camping or enjoying any outdoor recreational activity where there will be no access to power supply.

Safety/Protection – You can comfortably plug in your laptops or mobile phones to charge since the energy from the generator is clean and safe for electronic devices.

Reliable – The generator can provide constant power for 4 hours and can last even longer if only the electronics which are in use are connected. This method helps to conserve the energy of the generator.


Capacity rating – There have been complaints concerning the rating of the generator compared to the actual output. This is because the generator is more suitable for loads below 1600W, while the rating indicates 2000W.

Manual Problems – The manual that comes with the generator is quite informative on certain aspects, but is lacking in others. There is a lack of informative figures which could have made it easier to understand the functions of the generator.

After using this generator for various camping trips, I can honestly say it is reliable, especially if you want something that offers you more bang for your buck.

Getting Started with your WEN 56200i Portable Generator


The WEN 56200i Portable Inverter Generator meets several user requirements. It is easy to use, portable, and versatile. It also meets functionality requirements for outdoor activities and camping.
When you are in need of a comfortable means of power which also offers protection for your devices, you can’t go wrong with the WEN 56200i portable Inverter Generator.


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