Best Survival Sleeping Bags Review - Find The Best Sleeping Bag For You

When backpacking, getting to relax in the comfort of your sleeping bag after each day is one of the best way to end the day. Lately, there have been advances in the technology behind sleeping bags to make them more versatile, warm, and easily compressed to small sizes.

One of the best forms of sleeping bag insulation are from fine layers of goose or duck feathers. Our top picks use this form of insulation.



 The survival sleeping bag tends to be one of the more expensive items for a backpack because it is usually one of the most important and necessary items for a comfortable trip.


In order to decide on which cold weather survival sleeping bag to buy, there is usually a temperature level indicated on the bag. This helps you choose a sleeping bag for survival to meet your requirements.


Along with your sleeping pad and your shelter, the survival sleeping bag can also prove to be quite heavy. This is a very important factor to consider as it is easy to get tired when carrying a very heavy backpack.

Therefore, when selecting a sleeping bag, be sure your choice is well balanced. Weight, warmth and comfort should be taken into consideration.


Although a compact survival sleeping bag will not necessarily produce heat to keep your body warm, it should be able to conserve heat. The sleeping bag traps heat that is naturally emitted from your body.

Now that we have an understanding of all that should be considered, the following are the best choices available on the market.

The Snugpak Softie Elite 3

The Snugpak Softie Elite 3 is a survival sleeping bag suitable for temperatures above 14F (-10C). It is very lightweight and comes with an Expandable Panel System (EPS) which is one of the distinguishing features of the Snugpak Softie Elite 3. This feature provides an increase of up to 10 inches in the width of the sleeping bag and is very useful during cold nights in provide extra protection.

This compact sleeping bag can also be rolled up into a very small form providing more room for other items in your backpack. It is also very light, weighing about 3 pounds, significantly reducing the weight of your backpack and allowing you to cover more distance in a shorter time.

It also has an exterior made from Paratex Micro material that dries quickly when washed or exposed to water and is wind resistant.


  • Lightweight
  • Additional clips to shorten the sleeping bag
  • Expandable panel


  • No built-in mosquito net
  • Extreme temperature

High Peak Outdoors Cascade

The Cascade -40 sub zero mummy bag is a sleeping bag for every season that comes at a reasonable price. The bag measures 86" in length and rages from 34" in width to 22" in width at the foot area.

A great feature of this cold weather survival sleeping bag is that two can be joined by zipping them together. The bag can withstand -40°C making it excellent for cold seasons. It also comes with a free compression stuff sack.


  • effectiveness during cold nights
  • warm for a long period.


  • No instruction manual for the bag (information can be found online)


The Recon IV Lightweight Military Sleeping Bag offers functionality at temperatures of -10°C. Laying flat, it is 7'2" long, 33.5" wide at the shoulders, and 22" wide at the feet. When it is packed in a compression sack, it can measure as little as 9.5" in length and 8.5" in thickness.

This army survival sleeping bag also has a Velcro closure along with a zipper. It comes with a hood for additional comfort and protection.

The Recon 4 features an internal and external shell made from Ripstop nylon. The external bottom shell also comes with a waterproof finish. The interior is made from 210T Ripstop Nylon. The insulation hinders cold spots with its flat filling and is made with the use of a thin barrier of pure silver microfiber which increases the insulation.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Lengthy, can fit a heavy 6'1"


  • Did not perform to the stipulated temperature

ANGIX Waterproof

This sleeping bag for survival is specially made to suit the requirements for backpacking, camping, and thru-hiking. It is excellent in conserving space and is very lightweight.

The light survival sleeping bag features a foldable water-resistant, ripstop nylon fabric. In addition to the use of duck down in filling, this makes it have an ultra-light weight.

The compact survival sleeping bag also has straps which can be adjusted to make it a carrying bag. You can combine two sleeping bags together and it also comes with a strong YKK zipper.


  • Very reliable YKK zipper
  • -Two sleeping bags can be combined

Teton Sports Mammoth

The Teton Sports Mammoth 0°F is a queen size ultimate survival sleeping bag wide enough for two people. It is recommended if you intend to share a sleeping bag with someone else.

It is long-lasting, uses high-quality zippers, and provides warmth. Made from Taffeta shell with a hood to protect the head from the ground, the ultimate survival sleeping bag can accommodate a child along with two adults.

The design of the sleeping bag incorporates shoulder baffles which are responsible for locking in heat generated by the body to provide warmth. It can be separated into two different parts so one can be used as a blanket overnight.

To make the sleeping bag more comfortable, there are no synthetic liners. Instead, the bag comes with a cotton flannel liner to provide more comfort during the night. The hoods are easily adjustable to be used as covering for pillows. It is also very easy to use the zipper when opening or closing the bag from top to bottom.


  • Easy to clean due to flexibility of the zippers
  • Extremely durable


  • Quite bulky