Best 2017 Survival Gadgets

When planning an adventurous trip through nature, whether mountain climbing or hiking, you need to stay prepared. The best way to be prepared is by having essential survival gadgets and tools at your disposal.
There are a lot of choices in the market and if you are unfamiliar with them, choosing one can be overwhelming. Therefore, I have created a guide of the best survival gadgets and gizmos which will make it easier to choose. I have put together a list that will help narrow your choices and leave you with a survival kit that caters to your specific needs.

Why you need survival outdoor gadgets

1. Fire: a fire is a necessity when spending time in the woods on a cold night or after a heavy rainstorm that leaves you drenched. These conditions increase the possibility of getting hypothermia, therefore a fire is mandatory and at times can be life-saving.

2. Stealth: allows you to camouflage yourself from animals and humans alike so you can be safe and have privacy.

3. Water: water filtration is important since there may not always be optimal conditions for boiling or distilling water to drink.

4. Food: although you may be prepared with freeze-dried food, you could be robbed by scavengers. As a good survivalist, you need to be able to obtain food.

Here I have put together a comprehensive list of the top five survival gear gadgets on the market for 2017.

1. Emberlit Fireant

A small, handheld titanium firebox stove with four walls that weighs virtually nothing. It also prevents the hassle of carrying fuel around. Mikhail Merkurieff is the innovative mind behind  the Emberlit FireAnt. The Fireant is light and small, and was designed with the strictest attention to detail. It is also user-friendly and easy to assemble.

The design makes it naturally stronger than other products in the market, placing the Fireant way ahead of the competition. It is collapsible and ultra-light - weighing approximately 6.5 ounces. It is made of Titanium and stores easily. Setting it apart from the competition, its manufacturers made it compatible for use with both the Trangia and Esbit burners and included a tray for efficient use.

It can easily boil a pot of water. The Emberlit FireAnt is built on simplicity and efficiency which together guarantee a job well done with its light weight and frame. For its size and functionality, the only drawback is the need for regular fuel feedings.

2. ROBOCOPP SOS Personal Alarm

Also known as the sound grenade, it operates the same way a grenade does - simply pull the pin to use.

This survival gadget emits a siren that can be heard roughly 900 feet away continuously until the pin is re-inserted. It is waterproof and can function even in the worst rainstorms. It resembles a USB and also comes with a conveniently placed keychain so you can always have it at arm's reach.

3. Aquaovo AlterEgo

The AlterEgo is a two in one survival kit. It acts as a water filtration and hydration system which perfectly suits the needs of those who love being outdoors experiencing nature. It is also perfect for humanitarians and globetrotters alike who travel to developing areas and need safe drinking water.

It purifies your water completely and keeps you hydrated without having to worry about contamination. The AlterEgo is also stylish and is sure to be a conversation starter.

Its filtration system comes equipped with two easy to change filter casings. It is easy to use - simply put a filter in place, secure it into the bottle, and enjoy clean and safe water through the straw.

4. TripLit - OrganicLED

This portable LED lamp is perfect for active movement and is one of a kind.  It works on organic technology - OLED. TripLit is safe, eco-friendly, and extremely efficient. It is an external light which gives off a soft glow that doesn’t affect the eyes and produces practically no heat or UV emissions. It isn’t constantly dependent on electricity and can be charged with an ALKILU solar panel in areas without electricity.

TripLit can be placed anywhere as it comes with three positions and a hook. You can easily place it on a tree, hook it on a picnic table, or lay it on a bleacher. It takes a little under 4 hours to charge fully and can last for over 30 hours.

5. The DayOne 10L Waterbag

This convenient backpack acts as an easily transportable system for water treatment. With this backpack, you are able to collect, filter, and protect your water while on the go. The minds at Proctor and Gamble are responsible for this innovation. It can change how we get clean water in areas without it.

The DayOne 10L Waterbag has a capacity of up to 2.5 gallons of water over vast areas of land whether its water packets are in use or not.
Since it is a backpack, it is much easier to transport and leaves your hands free to perform other tasks. It is also eco-friendly and easy to use.