Welcome to DoomsdayBay!

I'm very excited to announce the opening of DoomsdayBay, a great tool to improve your chances to survive anything anywhere. You won't find any conspiracy theories here - if thats what your looking for then you're in the wrong place.

I founded this website because I firmly believe that the majority of us choose to conveniently ignore one simple truth: at any time, anywhere, we are vulnerable to a plethora of disasters that may unleash themselves upon us at any moment. These disasters can affect our access to our daily necessities - such as food and water - and have immense impact on world economies and all of the modern amenities and safety nets upon which we have become dependent.

I firmly believe that each and every one of us has both the ability and responsibility to survive, and in this blog I will share with you the essentials of being prepared for whatever the future holds.


Stay tuned for upcoming posts and DoomsdayBay will teach you how to:
  • Make fire anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances.
  • Create your own shelter.
  • Learn about hunting and food gathering/storage techniques.
  • Create complete emergency kits for any situation.
  • Create a comprehensive medical emergency bag.
  • Learn about water purification methods.
And much more..


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