The Essential Guide to Surviving a Power Outage

In 2014, a nonprofit research company, Climate Central released a report which states that power outages that are weather inclined is now twice its extent since 2003. When the storm becomes high, it might just give you one of those power outage moments or days.

The first few minutes of the dark hours might be interesting, at least catch the fun of the emergency period but ones its stretches to 24hours and beyond, it’s really turning into hell. In this piece, you will learn about the things you need to be aware of as well as few things to do before and during the storm and during a power failure.

The following are things to do before the storm occurs;
Save some Cash
ATM and POS machines may not work during these times because they need electricity to come alive. Therefore, save as much cash as you can in case you need to make some purchases of power outage survival items at the opened local store or supermarket. That’s if the local store or supermarket opens. There is no guarantee tha…

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